Saturday, April 26, 2014

Complexity of Protecting the Security of the US Currency

I would like to give you a chart for feedback or corrections.

I will use it for an article later on how to change the government by make effective lists of grievances, complaints, or short comings for particular agencies.  But I realize I need more research on the many processes.  It is a system of systems.  Maybe I have a bias against complex systems and a billion links.  I need to get more educated about the Federal Reserve Corporate Charter, and the US Treasury. 

We are talking about a government contractor that can only be managed by congress.  But of course congress doesn't manage anything, but to grow the number of agencies, employees, and the federal budget.  Oh, and the US Congress takes money from the Investment Banks and their customers.  The US Treasury & Federal Reserve manage our national banks and other member banks.

But if we just look at the Security of the US Banking System and the US Currency, maybe we can find the leverage points.  Really I am focused on the US Currency. 

I have mostly government experience and have seen how when one organization supports another organization an "Irresistible" List can be very effective.  And while a short list of 3 items is nice for relations and preventing hard feelings... 6 or more items on a list can be hard to ignore for very long.  Especially if forwarded to congressmen and post everywhere in media.

The problem of course with the US Treasury, Federal Reserve, Congress, DOJ, FDIC, FTC, and SEC... is that these are big boys & the big time.  They don't cave into hardly anyone.  Seems like they only answer to the big money powers.  But I'm outside of the network and haven't read all their reports after 2008.

We can't really hold any one person responsible.  There is no political will to hold leaders of agencies responsible for negligence if it appears to have "plausible deniability".  They have figured out how to diffuse the responsibility.  They get a bunch of people involved and say no one was responsible.  Then of course they have "Sovereign Immunity" if someone does get caught.  And they make sure not to have notes, recordings, and things that are evidence.  Business is conducted in private. 

The chart is in JPG format.  I figured making a chart would show the complexity and the huge mess that has been create by our government saviors.  It is a little complicated or busy you could say.  It is Effective.

Now the problem is writing an article and making an effective list of shortcomings for the US OCC & Treasury.

This chart is probably the thing that has Jack Lew, Timothy Geithner, and Thomas J. Curry banging their heads against the wall at times.  Also I'm pretty sure when they visit the FED, New York, they take the chart (or something like it) with them.  Sure, the treasury has other indicators and investigations to work on... Sure, the Federal Reserve is looking at Economic Stats, Government Stats, and has other objectives, functions, and mission statements... But damn, it is like none of these people take responsibility for anything going on in our country and don't give a damn about hiking the cost of living on little old ladies and ruining family finances. 

"Irrational Hubris" must have been coined for Robert Rubin, Alan Greenspan and the suicidal investment bankers... Well, let's not forget William J. Clinton.  The people that repealed Glass-Steagall Act, created shadow-banking, and the insane bubble in the secondary mortgage market.